Dining Room Delight

Somebody pinch me. Is September almost here or am I dreaming? This [second-time] momma-to-be is wondering how it's possible that the dairy products I'm now purchasing, expire AFTER my due date [freaking out right now]. We are ready for our daughter to arrive but wish we had more time to complete remaining projects within our home.

Diving right into this dining room transformation. I wouldn't categorize my husband and I as 'formal dining room' people. However, we enjoy having a separate space to enjoy family meals together. Before we began renovating, the sad little room was adorned with grimey carpet, popcorn ceiling, dark blue walls, dusty old curtains, oak trim/door casings and a dated brass fixture that was too gross to donate. The perfect ambiance for indulging in a lovely meal, right?

The trickiest part of reworking the room was figuring out if we could open up one of the doorways by five feet. Often times, small changes pack the biggest punch. Our wish was to keep the integrity of the room, being a separate space, while creating appealing sight-lines and allowing for more light to filter in. We enjoy a cozier floor plan rather than one big room. Nooks, crannies, you name it, that's our style. We belong to a small group of people who aren't into the ever popular open concept floor plan. We enjoy having separate spaces especially now that we are [almost] a family of four. We were thrilled to have stumbled upon this fixer-upper.

We were able to open up the desired wall with only a minor amount of plumbing and electrical to relocate. The problem with removing original structures is there are most likely pipes and wires running through the exact spot you wish to eliminate. Fortunately, we were pleasantly surprised once we started tearing into the drywall.

expanding the doorway was the biggest hurdle. Followed by drywall patching, laying solid oak flooring, shiplapping the ceiling, installing shaker-style wainscoting, casing/trimming out both doorways, new baseboards with shoe moulding, trimming out the window, installing crown moulding, installing a new light fixture, and switching out old electrical outlets/switch plates with bright white ones. Did you catch all of that?

The before images are a mild version of the intense realities of renovating. I failed to take many 'during' pictures. We didn't move into our home for a couple of months because it wasn't a safe, livable space for our family. Thank you to my awesome parents for being great hosts!

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