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Ellie + John | Engagement Session

Some of you won't be happy with me today. Sprinkled into my last blog post was a promise that my next journal entry would feature our latest home renovation project with awesome before and after photos. Well, I lied. Unintentionally, but still. Hang in there my friends, and I will blog about it soon!

Today I'm featuring a lovely couple who will exchange wedding vows at the end of this year. They have been dating since the 7th grade and are looking forward to their bright future together as husband and wife. The shoot took place at the whimsical Kerrytown Market which is made up of a block of indoor/outdoor shops and eats here in our very own eclectic city of Ann Arbor, MI. Enjoy a few highlights from this fun, love-filled afternoon. Cheers!


"...Tell me that we belong together. Dress it up with the trappings of love..."

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