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Melissa + Justin | Engagement Session

Hello! I'm giving myself a humble pat on the back for getting this post up. I find blogging especially challenging. Writing comes naturally but the time it takes to curate and create a post worthy of being published gives me stage freight. My goal with this type of photojournalistic blogging is to tell a story through the images. A story that is left open to interpretation, and lets the viewers' minds wander and imagine.

Whenever I get asked to do a photo session in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, I become giddy with excitement. Photographing up there allows me to work in one of the most tranquil places that I've had the pleasure of visiting. Plus, I get to see family and friends!

The Proposal Story

“I was taking a nap last winter and woke up to Justin snooping around. I asked him what he was doing and he said he had a surprise for me if I could wait a couple more minutes. He actually asked me, “Why aren’t you still sleeping?” Lol.

So then he had a beer scavenger hunt for me. He does that for me on special occasions with little hints around the house as to where to find the next clue. Then, he led me upstairs and when I got up there he had roses, candles, and a ring box at the end of the hall. I was totally surprised!”

— Melissa

Many couples who know they are headed for the aisle tend to go ring shopping together to ensure the bride is over the moon with her bling. A huge bravo to Justin for knowing what kind of rock would suit Melissa best, and for keeping it a total surprise!

These beautiful people wanted their photos taken at a few special locations where they enjoy spending time together along with their dogs, Nala and Sammie. Since many of their family members don't live in the area, they hoped to showcase how breathtaking the place they call home is. Breathtaking, indeed!


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