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In Loving Memory

Good morning and thanks for stopping by! I just brewed a piping hot cup of coffee (cream, no sugar) and I'm currently listening to my puppy snore softly on the couch beside me. There is something about the sound of puppy snores that I find particularly soothing.

Each time I revisit my Journal to write a post, it seems a bit daunting. What do I say? How do I say it? Can I connect with readers on a level that will capture and hold their attention? Since my work is visual, it speaks for itself, but as I grow and learn, the importance of writing also becomes more and more evident.

This past week has been especially tough. My family suffered a great loss which was somewhat of a blessing but incredibly difficult none-the-less. Coping with tragedy is done in many different ways, which brings me to my Journal today. I have an outlet that allows me to manage stress, deal with struggle, yet bring me absolute joy all at once. I'm talking about my creative passions. They make up so much of who I am that they've nearly consumed me.

What gets me through these difficult days (other than family, friends, and God) is physically making the ideas in my head come to life. Whether I sketch, paint, design a room, create a piece for a friend, or photograph a family. As simple as these things may sound, not only do they make me happy but they make OTHERS happy, which fills me up with joy.

Dealing with loss isn't easy, and I'm not saying that making a quick art project or snapping pics fixes the ache in my heart, but it helps. My grandpa was supportive of my passions and incredibly interested in what I was up to. He never failed to tell me how creative he thought I was and how happy it made him to see me following my dreams. He was proud of me. So, this post is for my Papa and is my way of honoring him, while helping me cope with his passing. Miss you dearly, daily.

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